I bring Ideas to life.

Hi, I'm Lee and I'm a Graphic and Web designer living in Fourways, South Africa. I was born in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal and have a deep love for the ocean.


My first experience with Graphic Design was discovering Photoshop at the tender age of 15 and I've been using the program ever since, my interests towards interactive designs followed soon after that would eventually lead to a career in Web Design.


I started out as a Graphic Designer working for the biggest Print Company in South Africa, Jetline: Print on Demand. I dealt with a multitude of various Print and Design jobs for different clients on a daily basis for over 2 years.


I'm mostly experienced with Adobe Programs yet they are not my only tools, I am also highly experienced in Corel and other design software. I have basic knowledge of coding in HTML and CSS, I love to build stunning and unique websites from scratch and I always try to learn something new every day.


Start-up companies are my primary focus as it's tough getting your business off the ground and I'd like to be there to help. Most designers are solely interested in working with big well-established companies, that's not me. I'm more interested in collaborating from the ground floor to create a successful and well-established brand.


When I'm not on the computer designing I can usually be found spending quality time with my little rascal, enjoying the outdoors, stargazing or in the kitchen cooking up a storm. I've got a vast database of knowledge when it comes to films, series and video games, I enjoy studying the cosmos, listening to music, hanging out with my close friends and the occasional skate session.


If you’re interested in collaborating with me on a project or you've got an idea that you would like to discuss then don't hesitate to drop me a mail, WhatsApp or call me.

+27 81 409 0961


Fourways | Johannesburg | South Africa



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