Fiona contacted me through an Ad I placed to design a logo/corporate identity for her company - Maslow Business Solutions. I designed multiple versions of the logo in both horizontal and vertical layouts, the goal was to use triangular shapes as well as to subtly incorporate a pyramid triangle into the text itself, combined with a calming/soothing colour pallet.


I designed a Business Card as well as a letterhead, both of which are Editable, the letterhead was designed in Adobe Illustrator and then incorporated into Microsoft Word where all the text can be edited and the file can be used as a template. The business card was created using Adobe Illustrator and Acrobat, creating fields with editable text, thus resulting in a PDF business card where you can effortlessly enter new names and contact details whenever you need them.


I have also begun work on the Maslow Business Solutions website which is currently under development.

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